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We are active in the design of your new home, from concept to the day it’s complete. But it doesn’t stop there, we also clear the land, excavate, frame the homes, install all trim, side your home, and sometimes more. One of the things unique about our crew, is we pride ourselves as craftsmen, as such we are versatile. In order to keep your project moving, we’ve learned a few of the other trades, and are always on standby to step in to install the foundation, insulation, hang sheetrock, install cabinets, install wood flooring, or landscape. Our goal is to never let your project his a slow spot, and to keep the project moving forward until it’s complete.  

While we are a custom home builder, we do more than just manage your jobsite.


about patriot homes

He had seen a carpenter framing a large custom two story home alone, so after a bit of urging from his mom, he went and sheepishly asked if he needed help. A job was offered on the spot. It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with his new job, and with a love of learning, he poured himself into every resource he could find on the subject. After four years of learning hands on with older proven carpentry skills, he ventured off on his own and started framing homes with a small crew. The start was small and humble, a moderate sized rancher for a large spec home builder. But soon after he progressed from simple to more complex homes, and earned a reputation for framing homes that others wouldn’t. During these formidable years he took on a few remodels, and custom homes, and started learning about how other trades did their jobs. 

Justin our founder grew up helping his dad occasionally remodel and work on homes. So it only seemed natural that in the summer of 1992, fresh out of high school, he walked onto his first new home construction jobsite to inquire about a job.

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our team is hands on working on your home, with a heart to see it to completion. We our open to changes, and want your home to be exactly how you envisioned it. 

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Coeur d'Alene, ID

We love meeting new people, and discussing ideas for their new home. We’d love to hear about your project, and learn about your ideas and concepts. 

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